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Personal Data and Privacy Protection

Code of Fair Information Practices | Sources and Stores of Data | Legal Protections | What Can You Do?

This page introduces some of the types of information about you that may be stored and acessed electronically. It also introduces some of the legal protection, and some things that you can do to safeguard the availability and accuracy of what you consider personal. For more information about electronic privacy, go to the Electronic Privacy Information Center home page.

The Code of Fair Information Practices

Contains the HEW's 1973 suggestions for privacy and information protection.

Sources and Stores of Data

The following pages explain why and how some personal data is compiled, merged, and sold. Of special concern is sensitive information such as social security numbers, medical records, and credit card information, as well as anything else that you would prefer to keep private.

Legal Protections for Personal Data

Contains information about which states have a law covering relevant topics and provides links to specific federal laws.

What Can You Do?

Explains how to use some of the available legal protections in order to keep your data private. It also has practical tips and self-help suggestions.

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