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Browsing of Taxpayer Files by IRS Employees

HR 1226, Taxpayer Browsing Protection Act. Passed by the House, April 15, 1997.

S. 522, Taxpayer Browsing Protection Act. Passed by the Senate April 15, 1997.

General Accounting Office, IRS Systems Security: Tax Processing Operations and Data Still at Risk Due to Serious Weaknesses (GAO/AIMD-97-49, April 8, 1997) (and related Congressional testimony).

Statement of IRS Commissioner Margaret Richardson (April 15, 1997).

Statement of Deputy Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers (April 15, 1997).

Internal Revenue Service, Disposition of Unauthorized Access Cases 1994-1997 (April 15, 1997).

Other Materials

IRS Federal Register notice for Compliance 2000 (December 20, 1994).

EPIC submission on Compliance 2000 proposal to use direct marketing records for targeting individuals.

General Accounting Office, Tax Administration - IRS Can Strengthen its Efforts to See That Taxpayers are Treated Properly; Report to the Subcommittee on Treasury, Postal Service and General Government Committee on Appropriations House of Representatives (October 1994).