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On Monday, November 10, 2003, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals will hold a hearing in a challenge to the Federal Trade and Federal Communication Commissions' Do-Not-Call Registry rules. In anticipation of this hearing, EPIC employed the Freedom of Information Act to obtain complaints made by individuals to the Federal Communications Commission about telemarketing to demonstrate the need for a national Do-Not-Call Registry.

The Federal Communications Commission relied upon 11,000 consumer complaints in its decision to support the creation of a Do-Not-Call Registry. Below, EPIC has scanned in 100 of those complaints and grouped them roughly into three categories: telemarketers who ignore or frustrate individuals' requests to stop calling, telemarketers who become abusive or harass individuals, and the frustration that individuals experience as a result of autodialer and prerecorded voice calls. These complaints demonstrate that the new telemarketing regulations are a rational response to serious abuses in the telemarketing industry.

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Last Updated: November 6, 2003
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