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    EPIC is on the front lines of the major privacy and civil liberties debates. In 2018, EPIC has important work to do on algorithmic transparency, student privacy, and government surveillace, among many other issues. Please donate to EPIC today to help us continue this important work.

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  • Defend Privacy. Support EPIC.

    Defend Privacy. Support EPIC.

    EPIC is on the front lines of the major privacy and civil liberties debates. In 2018, EPIC will work to protect democratic institutions, promote algorithmic transparency, and defend the right to privacy. We need your support. And EPIC is a top-rated non-profit - Charity Navigator (Four Star) and Guidestar (Gold). Please donate to EPIC today.

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Top News

Congress Renews Controversial Surveillance Measure, EU Impacted

In a decision that could jeopardize relations with Europe, Congress has renewed "Section 702" of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which permits broad surveillance of individuals outside of the United States. The FISA Amendment Reauthorization Act also permits government surveillance of Americans and restarts the controversial "about" collection program. Congress rejected updates, including limits on data collection, that would preserve a privacy agreement between Europe and the United States. The European Court of Justice will also soon decide whether to allow data transfers from Ireland to the United States. EPIC served as the US NGO amicus curiae in that case.

EPIC Warns Congress of Risks of "Internet of Things"

In advance of a hearing on Internet of Things, EPIC urged Congress to consider the privacy and safety risks of internet-connected devices. EPIC told Congress that the Internet of Things "poses risks to physical security and personal property" because data "flows over networks that are not always secure, leaving consumers vulnerable to malicious hackers." EPIC said that Congress should protect consumers. EPIC is a leader in the field of the Internet of Things and consumer protection. EPIC has advocated for strong standards to safeguard American consumers and testified before Congress on the "Internet of Cars."

In Supreme Court Brief, EPIC Backs International Privacy Standards

EPIC has filed an amicus brief in United States v. Microsoft, a case before the US Supreme Court concerning law enforcement access to personal data stored in Ireland. EPIC urged the Supreme Court to respect international privacy standards and not to extend U.S. domestic law to foreign jurisdictions. EPIC wrote, the "Supreme Court should not authorize searches in foreign jurisdictions that violate international human rights norms." EPIC cited important cases from the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice. EPIC has long supported international standards for privacy protection, and EPIC has urged U.S. ratification of the Council of Europe Privacy Convention. EPIC routinely participates as amicus curiae in privacy cases before the Supreme Court, most recently in Carpenter v. United States (privacy of cellphone data), Byrd v. United States (searches of rental cars), and Dahda v. United States (wiretapping).

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EPIC v. ODNI: Seeking release of the Complete ODNI Assessment of the Russian interference with 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

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In re SuperValu: Whether Victims of Data Breaches Must Suffer Certainly Impending or Actual Concrete Harms (i.e., Damages) In Order to Sue

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EPIC provides expertise to shape strong privacy and open government laws at both the state and federal level.

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EPIC has launched a new project on Democracy and Cybersecurity to address growing concerns about cyber attacks on democratic institutions.