Privacy Policy

EPIC Mailing List

If you are interested in receiving the EPIC Alert newsletter, we ask for your email address so that we can send it to you. You can also read the EPIC Alert by visiting the EPIC Alert archive at our web site. The EPIC Alert mailing list is used only to mail the EPIC Alert and to send notices about EPIC activities. We do not sell, rent or share our mailing list. We also intend to challenge any subpoena or other legal process seeking access to our mailing list. We do not enhance (link to other databases) our mailing list or require your actual name. We will also use this list for our annual contribution drive during the holiday season.

In the event you wish to update or delete an email address in our possession at any time for any reason, please contact to make those changes.

Donor Privacy

EPIC keeps the minimal amount of personal information necessary to process donations to EPIC and to comply with applicable laws. We do not rent, sell, or share our donor lists.

EPIC also routinely advocates for donor privacy. For example, in Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Becerra (Ninth Circuit 2017) EPIC argued the tradition of donor privacy is deeply rooted in religious tradition and that the right to contribute anonymously is protected by the First Amendment.

You can read more about EPIC's work to defend donor privacy here.

EPIC Web Site

We do not enable cookies. We also periodically delete logs of users that view our website.

EPIC Bookstore

When you order EPIC publications from the EPIC Bookstore, we collect your name, mailing address, contact information (which can include a phone number and/or email address), and information necessary for payment (either a credit card number or checking account number). Other forms of anonymous payment such as cash, money order, or cashier's check are also acceptable. Our use of this information is limited to processing payments and shipping publications. This information is neither made available to any third parties nor combined with any other information at our disposal. As with any other personal information you have given us, any subpoena or attempts by law enforcement to gain access to this information will be challenged. In the event that you want to view, update, or delete this information, please contact Otherwise, your shipping and contact information is kept on file in case you choose to order any more books, but will not be used in any other way.


For any other information about our privacy policy, please contact

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