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Former Miss USA, Ralph Nader, Privacy Advocates Fight Full Body Airport Scanners and Invasive Pat-Downs
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Nightline: New Facebook Feature: Cool or Creepy?
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Democracy Now: Tech Giants Sony, Apple, Google Face Outrage Over Privacy Breaches in Devices
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CNN: Privacy Group Sues TSA Over Scanners
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MSNBC: Lawsuit Filed Against Full-Body Scanners
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MSNBC: Airport Body Scanner Segment
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Bloomberg: Marc Rotenberg Interview on Facebook Privacy Issues

C-SPAN: Improving Medical Privacy
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Fox News: 'Peep Show Database of American Travelers'
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BBC: Facebook Privacy Settings 'Unacceptable'
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Al Jazeera English: Big Brother Online
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RSA Panel Discussion: Big Brother
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RSA: Security Experts on Next Cyberwarfare Steps
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CNET: Reporters' Roundtable Podcast: Buzz vs. Privacy
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PBS Newshour: After Christmas Bomb Plot, New Airport Screening Techniques Examined
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CNN: New Questions on Body Scanners
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CNN: Protecting Yourself Online (Facebook)
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ACS Panel: Living Online - Privacy and Security Issues in a Digital Age
PBS Spy Camera
PBS Frontline "Spying on the Homefront"

CFP 2009 Closing Keynote

CNN: Privacy Data Brokers

The Secure Flight Program (CBS Evening News)
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White House: Big Brother?
Union Station
Fox 5 News: Union Station Photo Flap
BBC- Facebook report
BBC exposes Facebook flaw
TSA Security or Breach of Privacy:
You Decide!
Obama Cnn
Obama Urges Inquiry Into Passport
Snooping (CNN)
The Word- AT& Treason
C-SPAN Debate
Discussion on Telecommunications &
Surveillance Operations
Spies who love you
The Spies Who Love You

Privacy- The modern society
Sen. Feingold-FISA
Sen. Feingold discusses FISA
Behind Facebook
Facebook on 60 Minutes
Michael Geist
Michael Geist Speaks on The Future of Privacy
Cafferty Files
Cafferty File: Intel Official *Time To Redefine Privacy*

What Happened to the News?
Voting Privacy
Marge on Google
Marge Simpson on Google
Invasion of Privacy
Invasion of Privacy
Chicago Cameras
Chicago Camera System
PSA: Human Right #12
Right to Privacy
Facebook Risks
Do you have Facebook?
RFID Implant
RFID chip hand implantation

Another 911 w/o REAL ID
Google Master Plan
Master Plan - About the power of Google

More U.S. action urged on privacy

The Big Brother Pizza Shop
Big Brother State Video
The Big Brother State

Finger Scan
Fox News: Fee By FingerPrint

Real ID Act

"Conspiracy Goes Mainstream"

CNBC's Big Brother, Big Business

"Candid Camera: Big Brother Talks Back"

NBC News
Andy Griffith and Privacy
"Andy Griffith and Privacy"
Aired Oct. 30, 1967

"Student Tasered by Police for not showing ID"

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